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Dalia Molina Vargas

Web design and development

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Hi! I'm Dalia, I've been designing and developing websites and web applications for the last 9 years.

I'm an engineer with a high regard for user-centered design, attention to detail, clarity and simplicity, good writing, accessibility and responsive web design.

Clarity and simplicity?

By eliminating the unnecessary, the probability of delivering the right message is enhanced.

Good writing?

Using the right language allows users to find what they need and understand what they find.


The Internet is an exceptional resource, it should be available to everyone regardless of disability.

Responsive design?

Websites and apps that can be effectively navigated from any device and browser, shouldn't be a plus on a development process anymore, but rather an intrinsic characteristic.

Besides developing and tech, I love music, vipassana meditation, color and stationery. I'm the founder and creative director of The Paper Club.

It would be lovely to hear from you. Drop a line at

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